Paul D. Natkin

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Klatch Drawings

I start my Klatch drawings on Tuesday mornings at Art Klatch, a weekly gathering at a local cafe, where people discuss contemporary art over coffee. For more than a year, I've kept a Klatch notebook, recording the names of people who attend and listing the topics discussed. Once I started keeping this notebook, I began doodling in the spaces between my notes, exploring various forms I wanted to later incorporate into paintings. One Tuesday morning--October 28, 2008, to be exact--I discovered a pattern that has occupied me ever since. I start by drawing a spiral and then lift my pen to a point on the spiral a little beyond the point from which I pick it up, and then I draw a line in the opposite direction. I repeat this action, varying the length of each switch-back. This produces a continuous tube of empty space that folds back and forth upon itself in a variety of ways. Each of the resulting forms is different from the next. I usually make several of these forms on one page and then close up the spaces in between them with additional spiral or concentric forms. Each drawing is a sort of meditational crawl--an act of deep concentration, a linear pilgrimage--where each stroke is final, since the ink can't be erased. I'm intrigued by the experience of working on something so demanding of my mental focus at the same time that I participate in a lively conversation on contemporary art. It's a multitasking game.

The Klatch drawings shown here were all completed in 2009. They were all drawn with archival felt pen on 140 lb Arches paper toned with transparent watercolor. Photos by Art and Soul, Seattle.

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